Monday, February 27, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Don't Feed the Animals

Animal cracker food.

Our Muffin Tin this week is sponsored by animal crackers. Why are they called crackers when they are clearly a cookie? Convincing my toddler she has had too many would be easier if they were called cookies. Clearly something needs to be done. I did not purchase this bag of tempting nibbles but am guilty nonetheless. As we left our playgroup I felt a hypoglycemic attack coming on and needed food, fast. This bag of animal crackers was convenient so I grabbed it on the way out the door.

Maurene was so excited. She helped me eat them the entire drive home and then asked for more at lunch time. I relented and planned some other foods for the animals to eat. They like apricots, apples, grapes, turkey and cheese, right?

My helper for this meal is the toddler with the attitude, Maurene. She is clutching that banana and wearing her sister's shirt in such a defiant manner. Never mind, she is a good helper.

Now that Maurene is often my helper I have been cutting things up a bit and having her help me place items in the tin. She was even happier to help when she discovered the adorable animal picks I pulled out to keep the meat and cheese rolled up.

Who is the Big Sister?

Still clutching that banana.

She is explaining about how to roll the meat.

Check out what all of the other animals are enjoying this week at Muffin Tin Monday. You should enjoy a muffin tin meal as well.

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  1. Very, very cute! Look delicious too!

  2. Haha, I noticed Maurene in the Bis Sister tee before I read the post & caption - love it - she sounds so sassy :)

    I do know why they are called crackers not cookies! It's because the dough is layered. I'm with you though, they are too sweet to count as crackers!

    Did Maurene ever eat the banana?


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