Saturday, February 18, 2012

Local Edition, Weekend Planning

If you made it to the Kaw Valley Seed Fair last weekend you may be in the planning stages of a great garden this year. I know my friends and I have already started planning a seed exchange as well as sharing tips for a great growing season. We all seem to spend hours on Pinterest pinning all of the cool projects we want to do in our gardens this year. There is no need to tell us we won't complete half of the projects; we are excited about the half we will complete.

This weekend take a little time to look at your space to see what you could grow. Then you can pop over to Cottin's Hardware to pick up a few supplies. They have a large selection of starter kits and seeds. We spoke with Linda Cottin and Dan Phelps at the Seed Fair about help getting our starts to grow better this year.


This was as big as our tomato plants got last year before they all died. We have learned that it may have been due to overwatering. With some tips we received last weekend we hope to fix that this year. 

Our other plans for the weekend involve finding a little baby to bake in a King Cake. I believe Sweet! will be there first place we stop. Not only is it located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Lawrence but they also have everything a baker could need. During my first visit I also noticed they carried a few of the kid friendly utensil line called Head Chef. We have several from this line and the girls adore each piece.

Here is our King Cake from last year:


Audrey had so much fun pouring sprinkles all over the place. Since we are doing a ring cake this year I am hoping to keep the sprinkles to a minimum. 

Those are some of our weekend plans; what are you doing this weekend? Hope it involves food!

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