Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Fun Breakfasts

Pink Porridge

Audrey is a morning person. She gets up before 7am and crawls into bed with me and waits until she is allowed to wake me. As soon as it is time she starts talking about her desires for breakfast and then lunch. Always planning.

Not Maurene. When she wakes she does not want to talk to anyone for at least half an hour. Then she wants a bowl of cereal and a banana. I am sure she will add a latte to that order in the next few years like her grandma.

Here are five of Audrey's favorite breakfasts:
  1. Oven Baked Omelet. She loves eggs and also loved to crack them. 
  2. Pink Porridge. This is a recent addition but no less loved. I believe it is because I have oatmeal for breakfast most mornings in the winter.
  3. Pink Pancakes. Audrey loves pink and almost anything I make pink. However she has a special fondness for pancakes. Make a double batch and stick them in the freezer for later.
  4. Puffy Apple Oven Pancakes. Another pancake option but this one is baked. Oh so yummy with the addition of apples.
  5. Pumpkin Pie Muffins. Audrey loves all muffins but these are exceptionally good. We got the recipe from a Weight Watchers cookbook for healthy kids. Make a batch and stick the extra in the freezer for later breakfasts.

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