Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Egg Flower Soup

Pretty soup in a little bowl.

Audrey is at that cute stage where, if you give it an adorable name, she will beg for it. I know because I convinced her to try egg drop soup recently. Mollie Katzen give me the idea in her book for older children, Honest Pretzels. I checked it out at the library and flipped through to get some ideas.

She calls egg drop soup egg flower soup so I simply repeated the name to Audrey. By the next evening Audrey was begging to make it. I no longer had the book to look up the recipe so I improvised. 

Where did it go?

Sing a little song while you stir.

I chopped some celery, garlic and onion for her to saute. She then added about 2 cups of chicken broth to the pot and sang a little song while waiting for it to boil. After she cracked an egg, stirred it a bit and then added it to the boiling broth. The result was nothing like you get with your take-out Chinese but it was good. 

Maurene did not want to try but Audrey enjoyed half a bowl. The bowls were little but I was happy she tried it.

Sometimes it is just fun to make a recipe called Egg Flower Soup.

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