Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Goldfish

No, not the animal. Or even the little cheesy crackers. This is Goldfish bread; shaped like the little cheesy crackers! I usually try to get the girls to eat whole grain bread but sometimes give in for a fun treat. This lunch was for a trip to my hometown, Tulsa, for a holiday party. 

We left shortly after lunch and made the party by dinnertime. The gathering was wonderful because it was for my mother's family. She passed almost three years ago and so I love any connections the girls can get with her side of the family.

After the party we checked into a hotel for a brief overnight. Breakfast for the morning was cereal packed into little containers with milk in the fridge. I love extended stay hotels with their full kitchens! After a too short visit with my uncle we hit the road, and opened our packed lunches. It was all a plan to avoid the evil fast food traps.

It worked!

Helping with peanut butter.

Jelly and closing up.

Simple and fun! PB&J, grapes, strawberries, dates, pretzels.

As always, check out for What's For Lunch Wednesday. There are always amazing lunches posted there that will surely inspire your next packed meal.

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  1. I have been wanting to try this bread! Do the girls like it?

  2. I love the goldfish bread, it looks so cute in the lunchbox :)


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