Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Cracker Sammies

Showing off her lunch.

I set out lunchables style cracker stacks for Audrey to place in the lunch container. She decided to sandwich them instead and placed them in a tall stack. With the help of the fruit pilled around the crackers she was able to get them to stay stacked. 

We packed up and headed to the park. This was during one of the 60+ weather days we have had recently. No complaints, we love having picnics at the park. We were at the park for hours instead of being stuck at home.


The girls are starting to eat better when we pack meals. This lunch was devoured. It helps that the girls love lunchables stacks and fruit. Next week I am going to try to get some new lunch options into their containers and their tummies. If I market the items right there should be no problem.

Finished product.

This lunch was submitted to for What's For Lunch Wednesday. There are always many great lunch ideas posted. Join us! Even if you do not have a blog you can take pictures and post to Flickr.

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