Valentine's Frozen Banana Ice Cream

The girls and I made Mummy Cones for Halloween during Eat Dessert First Month. Audrey still speaks fondly of that month and we still eat dessert first on occasion. Recently Audrey asked if we could make Mummy Cones again and I decided that they should be red for Valentine's Day. 

The girls love anything pink or red. They have been known to try food simply because it is a pretty color. We took our regular Frozen Banana Ice Cream and added a 2 tbsp frozen cube of pureed beets.

They loved it. The ice cream came out the prefect color and there is no beet taste. We added 1 tsp of cocoa powder to give it a little more than banana flavor but not enough to color it.

Audrey helped me make the banana ice cream and then decorate the mummy. Maurene had to be called to the table to enjoy her snack as she was too busy playing with her new train tracks.

For decorating I made a simple frosting with plain yogurt and powdered sugar. We had candy eyes left over from the first mummy we made. The girls loved eating pink ice cream and devoured the entire cones. I felt good feeding them a treat made with much less sugar and (other than the mummy eyes) no artificial dyes.

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