Valentine Natural Red Dyed Cake Balls

The girls helped me make fun red cake balls. Red was my choice. They love coloring anything and have no idea the holiday of love is approaching. So I got out the ingredients for our favorite muffin recipe to see if it would work in Audrey's new cake ball maker. Mostly I was curious if we could bake healthier treats in 4 minutes. Our muffin batter is half whole wheat and only contains 2 tbsp of added fat.

It worked. In order to cover the taste of the beet we tweeked the recipe slightly by using pineapple juice in place of milk and adding 1 tsp of vanilla extract. To our basic muffin recipe we added 3 tbsp of pureed beets. Once she saw the pineapple juice Audrey got thirsty while stirring in the beet puree. 

We also baked some in our mini muffin pan for 13 minutes at 350F. I have to admit that is was fun making the muffin balls because they baked up so quick. They are not the most beautiful treats but after you decorate them they pass just fine.

Next time I think we will just roll these in a little glaze and add some chopped nuts to keep them from being sticky. The candy coating made the muffin ball too sweet. With the candy coating these would be good as a nice treat for Valentine's Day.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. The finished product pictures were taken at 10pm after the girls were in bed. I need studio quality lighting somewhere in my house for taking pictures when it is a good time for me. I know many people only use natural lighting and I wish I could be one of them. I have young children. Maybe someday.

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