Pink Porridge

Audrey asked for porridge one time a little while back. I told her I would be happy to serve her some. We were in the car at the time and she had time to ask a lot of questions. She finally asked if porridge was oatmeal. I told her yes and she was happy. The next time I had oatmeal for breakfast she asked for a bowl. A small bowl was enough to satisfy her curiosity.

In the winter I have oatmeal for almost every breakfast. It is warm and filling. Oftentimes Audrey asks for her own bowl. I still just give her a small serving and she usually eats it all. That is why when I found a Pink Porridge recipe I knew the girls would love it. And there are no beets in this meal!

We cooked a serving of oatmeal in the microwave with twice as much liquid. Next time instead of 2 cups I will use 1 1/2 for 1/2 cup dried oats. Cook 2-4 minutes and let sit for five. Make sure it is cooked or cook for a few more minutes, if needed. Once cooked and slightly cooled place in a blender or food processor with 1/2 cup raspberries. Blend until smooth. Pour into bowls and top with additional raspberries. Or blueberries if you are out of raspberries.

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