Monday, January 30, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, #SundaySupper

Taco Bar, veggie sides.

We had our Muffin Tin Monday meal for #SundaySupper. Even though it was at east 12 hours early it was still well received. The girl's father had been asking for tacos for dinner for several weeks now. While planning the meal I came up with the idea to serve a taco bar and allow the girls to serve themselves as they see fit.

I was speaking with a friend recently about my desire to start serving family style meals to allow the girls to make their own food choices. She stated that the thing keeping her from doing likewise was doing all the extra dishes. I had to concede the point. 

Serving a few dinners Muffin Tin style might allow the girls the freedom to serve themselves while keeping mom from being a slave to the dishwasher.

Self serve family-style dinner.

Unlike usual, I did not have the girls help much with this meal. They were busy in the shop with daddy helping him build shelves. Maurene came and helped set the table. The girls served themselves when it was dinnertime. I placed the tins in front of them and allowed them to help themselves.

The taco bar was a success. The girls served themselves mini tacos using Baked Lays Scoops. They were not very adventurous but that is not surprising given that this was the first time they had this meal. I offered chopped tomato, shredded cabbage, flat-leaf parsley, red onion, orange sweet pepper, black beans, avocado, brown rice, mild salsa, peach salsa, yogurt, ground turkey breast, and cheese.

It was amazing. I believe it will be a new family favorite. The girl's daddy exclaimed his love of tacos several times throughout the meal.

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  1. We love tacos here, too. The Muffin likes burritos even better! She doesn't like the burrito seasoning, so she usually has leftover sausage or similar on hers, along with some of the other usual burrito fillings.

  2. YUM!!! Great... Now I want tacos. LOL

  3. Very neat and cute, love your idea :)

  4. I love that they did it themselves! What great idea!


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