Monday, January 23, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday, Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Blackberries, cheese, pretzels, crackers, strawberries, grapes, banana ice cream.

I wonder how long I will be able to serve frozen pureed bananas to the girls and call it ice cream. So far they still love it. We add a little unsweetened cocoa powder and it is chocolate ice cream. Even in the winter they love this treat.

You can add any fruit you want to flavor according to your child's tastes. Try strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry for a fun twist.

Here are the girls helping make the ice cream. We add about 3 cups of frozen banana chunks and 2 tbsp of milk. For flavor a tbsp or two of powdered cocoa will do the trick.

Blending bananas.

Filling tins.

Enjoying ice cream.

Check out what the other families are enjoying for Muffin Tin Monday. It is always a treat to see the fabulous meals.

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  1. I love banana "ice cream." There is actually a place that sells it commercially at Reheboeth Beach Delaware called "Annie's Bananies!" I have been coveting a machine that makes banana ice-cream come out like soft serve!

  2. Delicious!
    I love everything around the ice cream too, what a great choices. Banana has always been my favorite fruit and when you make ice cream with ti, it sounds amazing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tin! I wonder if I can pass off the frozen banana as ice cream to my kiddos... :)

  4. What a simple way of making banana ice cream! Thanks for sharing!


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