Saturday, January 14, 2012

Local Edition, Winter Market

The girls keep asking about the Farmers Market every Saturday. It was easy enough to fill our weekends between the last market and the end of the year with Audrey's birthday, party, and numerous holiday events. Now that we have nothing happening on Saturdays the girls are begging for a market trip.

Fortunately for them The City Market is open year round and is only an hour drive from our home. We pack snacks, a few dvds, and our reusable shopping bags and hit the road.

My healthy snacks are no match for the local baked cookies at one of the first booths we come across so I let them each get a cookie. This sustains them for the rest of the trip so they can order me to find the foods they crave. 

The City Market is surrounded by several vendors of spices, herbs, and produce, none of which is local. After we stock up on spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and cabbage the girls spot bananas. We were out of bananas so I let them pick us a bunch. Then Audrey demanded we get a tomato. She does not like tomatoes. A large stack of eggplant catch her eye as well but I put my foot down as our menu is already set for the week.

It was an incredibly enjoyable trip. I even purchased Hungarian Paprika, a first for me. I keep reading about it in recipes and think it might be fun to try. 

I doubt we make the trip to The City Market again next week but we will be returning soon. And April will be here soon enough bringing the Downtown Market back to Lawrence.

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