Five Fun Kitchen Crafts

On occasion we use our kitchen to make stuff that is not edible. The girls love these activities almost more than projects that involve yummy food. 
  1. Crazy Crayons. We made these a while back but I have seen them on Pinterest recently in smaller form as Valentine's gifts. Cute either way.
  2. Sidewalk Paint. I got this idea from Pinterest as well. No, I am not addicted. We used it recently when the weather was nice. I might even let the girls do it inside the garage with the door down when it is cold. They loved it.
  3. Play Dough. I got our recipe from our Parents as Teachers coordinator. I love all of their ideas. My girls had so much fun when our coordinator would visit.
  4. Bird Feeder. Audrey loves animals. All animals. During the winter she wants to feed the birds and the summer she loves the Farmers Market with all of the visiting dogs. It keeps her happy so I do not have to have a furry creature in my home.
  5. Bath Crayons. So simple and my girls love to draw on the tub. They go through the store bought ones so fast I started making these with them to keep up with the fun. Now they can have loads of bath time fun.

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