Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Snowman

We have not seen more than a dusting of snow this winter. I know that will change in the next few months fut for now the girls and I have to enjoy snowmen by making them in our lunches. Here is a recent creation. He is made with a raisin bagel, cream cheese and a piece of cantaloupe for a nose. I had the standard carrot set out for the nose but as I pulled out cantaloupe to cut up for the girls a light bulb went off. He did get the standard raisin eyes but then I switched up the mouth and had the girls use craisins. They loved it.

Along with decorating the snowman they cut out Christmas Tree shaped cheeses. You remember how much Mo likes cheese. I placed some fruit for them to decorate their trees. They turned out so adorable.

We made these last week but for the life of me I cannot remember where we went that needed a packed lunch. I do remember that the girls loved making them and asked for snowmen again a few days after. Bagels are always a big hit.

The setup.

Attacking the lunch.

Audrey's creation.

Mo's work of art. It still tasted good.

As always we submitted these lunches to What's For Lunch Wednesday. The fact that our lunches had a theme this week is amazing. Most lunches on have amazing themes. Check 'em out!

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