Monday, December 5, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Lunchables

While we were visiting family for the holidays the girls got a special lunch treat. Their daddy took them to see the wonderful Oklahoma Aquarium and packed Lunchables from Nana's fridge. I am not a fan of that type of convenience food but let the girls enjoy their treat. 

When we returned I had the idea that we could make similar meals with healthy deli foods and cookie cutters. The girls loved the idea and wanted to start with their Muffin Tin Monday meal.

Making her selection.

She wanted to be in the picture.

A healthy yet fun lunch.

Mo's turn to pick.

Her yummy lunch.

The funny packaged item is a bottle of flavored yogurt drink I purchased for the girls one day for a snack while we were finishing holiday preparations. They were starved and we had more shopping to complete. Poor planning taking hungry girls to the grocery store.

In these lunches you can see carrots, celery, crackers, grapes, ham and cheese circles, and a yogurt drink. Mo does not enjoy the yogurt consistency.

Check out the other fabulous meal ideas at Muffin Tin Monday. The girls love enjoying a healthy and fun lunch on Mondays.

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  1. I just love the way you foster independence by allowing your kids to put their lunches together. I've been reading a lot of Montessori blogs lately and have really been thinking about the amount of (lack of) independence in my kiddos and the fact that it is my fault for not teaching it. It's one of my goals for the upcoming weeks and your "cooking with kids," posts help to give me inspiration.

  2. This looks so much better than a boxed meal.

  3. this is my daughter's favorite lunch from MOMables! our #2 favorite in the test groups!


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