Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Favorite Slow Cooker Dishes

I know I should use the slow cooker more in the summer when it is hot and I do not want to use the oven. However, I usually crave meals from the slow cooker when it gets really cold. When I first started looking for easy dishes for the girls to help with it was hard to find something they would like. They are not big on soup or stew and casseroles can be hit or miss. After borrowing cookbooks from friends and the library we were able to find meals we all enjoy. These five are big hits and we make them often.
  1. Slow Cooker Mac 'n Cheese. I recommend this meal often. It is tasty, easy, and can be relatively healthy.
  2. Easy Pot Roast. We have this so often now the girls forget it is a recent addition to our menu. I usually make my own condensed soup now and just throw in a bunch of seasoning in place of the dried soup mix. 
  3. Barbecue Ribs. These are Maurene's favorite. She likes to gnaw on a bone until there is nothing left.
  4. Barbecue Chicken. This is my favorite. It is not only easy to make but freezes well.
  5. Slow Cooker Yogurt. This was a delight when we first discovered it. Previously I had tried to make yogurt and failed half the time. This recipe has never failed me. And the girls love it.

Another fabulous slow cooker meal.

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  1. I have a great crockpot roast chicken recipe if you'd like it. I love coming home and dinner is completely ready!


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