Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Posts of 2011

This has been an amazing year in the lives of Audrey and Maurene. So much has happened and the girls have grown so much. But, I can imagine, it will be that way every year until they leave us for college. 

As I look back through the year of cooking with Audrey and Maurene I am shocked by how much they have grown. Join me, in a look into the past year:
  1. January - Load/Unload the Dishwasher. A great post about other ways children can help in the kitchen. With an adorable picture of Mo standing on the dishwasher lid.
  2. February - Happy Valentine's Day Zucchini Cupcakes. Amazing cupcakes that have some good for you ingredients inside. 
  3. March - Fauxfredo. An instant family favorite. Tasty, healthy, and made with cauliflower! You must try it to see if your family enjoys it as much as ours.
  4. April - What's For Breakfast? A look at fun ways to include your children in this important first meal of the day.
  5. May - Pineapple Not-Upside-Down Muffins. A favorite recipe, sweet with a little bit of healthy ingredients.
  6. June - Green Drops from Greenland. A wonderful post about a wonderful book that convinced Audrey to try peas. She liked them, still does.
  7. July - Becker County Fair. The place Audrey met and fell in love with a three year old dairy cow named Cocoa. She still talks about her.
  8. August - Can I Help? Great ways to get your helper in the kitchen with you without you going crazy. Or having batter spill on the floor. It's happened.
  9. September - Cereal Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. I had cereal leftovers and I wanted to use them up. This is the recipe I invented to make it happen. Turned out really good.
  10. October - If You Take a Mouse to School. The girls love this book and so we cooked up cute little turkey mice and decorated them. The recipe is from Weight Watchers and is so yummy.
  11. November - Stone Soup. A great story that encourages sharing and working together. Audrey loved it so much we made it the theme of her birthday.
  12. December - Fruit and Nut Ice Box Cookies. I find myself longing for these cookies for the last few weeks. I decided not to make them again soon as I have no place to take them. Oh so yummy! And with lots of dried fruit and nuts!
Pouring her own milk.

Learning to chop.

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