Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Four!

Audrey is still having fun with the shape cutters. This week she decided to pull out the number four for the age she will be on her next birthday. This was decided after she picked a star PB&J sandwich. I did not want to do two PB&J cutouts so I pulled out a cheese slice. When I asked what shape Maurene should have she said a two, for her age. After all of the talk about numbers they had little interest in adding much to the lunches. Both girls love this time of year because of the abundance of sweet clementines. So we added on of those to each and a few grapes. They were too busy playing this day to eat much of this lunch.

Audrey will be four in a few weeks.

Mo still gets a two.

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Bento Lunch

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