Sunday, November 6, 2011

Too Much Junk Food

My girls and I have been talking a lot about healthy foods. Currently they sound like they are just repeating what I am saying but I hope it sinks in soon. When we make a choice to eat a healthy homemade dinner instead of fast or convenience food I make sure to let the girls know why the decision was important.

To illustrate our need to eat healthy I pulled out a favorite of the girl's, The Berenstain Bears. They also had to make choices between junk and nutritious foods in Too Much Junk Food.

Bedtime story.

After we read the book I sent the girls to bed with thoughts of eating healthy. Laying in their beds they asked questions about foods we eat and expressed interest in the carrot sticks, nuts and raisins, and apple slices Brother and Sister Bear enjoy in the book. I promised a food update soon. How could I say no to those snack items?

The next day the girls helped me pick out a few items and even assisted in a little chopping. This is what we put together for our fridge:

Yummy carrot sticks, celery, and yellow peppers.

We always have dried fruit and nuts in the cabinet so the only thing we need from the store is apples. Nutritious snacking is now at hand. What do you like to keep around for healthy noshing?

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  1. I find that my kids react so well to books, tv shows, etc. that talk about eating healthy. I just love that your kids wanted to plan the snacks around what was in the book that's just awesome!

  2. They can recite info from books like I have heard other children repeat commercials. I learned it when they started using the same words from a picture book made by grandma. It is marketing and I am getting better.


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