Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Rainbow Bunch

I started this blog because I could not find much out there for cooking with very young children. Audrey was almost two when I published our first blog post and most of what I found was for ages five and up. I have since located a wealth of information about cooking with small children but in the beginning it was tough to know how to include Audrey.

As I continued our journey I was fortunate to locate some amazing people along the way who shared their expertise. One of the first was Kia Robertson from Today I Ate A Rainbow. She has blessed us with two Rainbow Kits and provided much needed encouragement. The kits helped us think about healthy eating in an entirely new way. We now look at our plates and try to make sure each meal is as colorful as possible.

A Rainbow Kit.

In the Rainbow Kit is a fun little book about The Rainbow Bunch. They are a group of children who do not eat healthy and notice how their poor eating effects them. When they start to eat healthier and more colorful foods they feel much better. The book is great for reading to even the youngest child because it is simple yet informative. 

My girls have been working on rainbow plates for so long it is just part of how we eat. But whenever we read the story the girls always want to have another rainbow meal. It makes me so happy to have these healthy and fun meals with the girls. I had no idea when we first received our kit how much it would change our eating.

Making rainbow fruit sticks with grandpa.

Colorful snacks.

Fresh selection for Muffin Tin Monday.

Playing with her Rainbow Chart.

Enjoying her Rainbow Bunch book.

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  1. What a great tool to aid your children in eating well!


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