Monday, November 21, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Gobble Gobble

I had to pull out the turkey cookie cutter. The girls are not really aware of the upcoming holiday. Audrey has been making a few items at school for a Thanksgiving Feast but I do not know if she associates that with the turkey. So I went ahead and pulled out the turkey shape for them.

This was a simple (mostly) fruit meal with a PB&J cut-out and some yogurt. No major inspiration but the girls loved it. Muffin Tin Monday meals are always well received. Audrey asked me to take a picture of her hand with the muffin tins. I have no idea why.

Helping make turkey cut-outs.

Dishing up yogurt.

A gobble good meal.

Check out what every one else is having in their muffin tins for Muffin Tin Monday

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  1. Awesome turkey meal! I love your title bar of your little girl holding a chicken!! lol its hilarious!

  2. A nice lunch. The turkey sandwich is very cute.

  3. What a cute turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great meal! Simple is always good.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I keep meaning to do a Muffin Tin lunch... I love the little turkey sandwiches!

    You've been awarded the "Tell Me about Yourself" award. You can find out more at:

  6. Cute! I love how involved your girls are with their food! This would be perfect for the Thankgiving Bento Link-Up at Diana Rambles. Entries taken through Nov 27!


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