Saturday, November 19, 2011

Local Edition, This is the End

The last regular Downtown Farmers Market occurs today from 8am-12pm. The weather is predicted to be beautiful so you have no reason not to stop by. From emails, direct information, and Facebook posts I have learned that most farmers are bringing foods to help you stock up. We have already purchased a pork bundle from Hilltop Farms and hope to make another purchase of eggs from them for the holiday baking we plan to start this week. MAD Farms has cold weather crops for you to bulk up your produce stock. 

This will be a sad day for us. We have grown to love visiting with our local farmers and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Maurene has been talking about visiting the Farmers Market every day for a week. Every Saturday when the girls wake up they get excited when they learn the day. After today we are going to need to find another way to get excited about our Saturday.

I believe that one of the ways we will get through what could be a long winter is by taking a short trip to Missouri.

The Big Bad Missouri Tiger.

The City Market is 45 minutes from us and runs year round. It is open from 7am-3pm Saturday and 8am-3pm Sunday. Keep up with us to see what we find. How do you deal with the cold days of winter where you  live? Do you have the luxury of a year round market? We would love to hear from you.

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