Saturday, November 5, 2011

Local Edition, Last Few Saturdays DLFM

Do not miss the last few Saturdays of the Downtown Lawrence Farmers Market. You need to stock up on meat and eggs from Hilltop Farms; baked goods from Bake Door Bakery; and produce from Avery's Produce.

And if you are like Audrey you will need to get a mum, preferably a big one. Make it purple and large enough to be a challenge to carry back to the car. When heading to the ATM today to get cash for the Market she reminded me to get enough money for flowers.

It was a bit chilly today but still worth the trip. We were able to chat with Jessi and Kevin from Mellowfield Farms and see the newest MAD Farmer, Dan and Cole's little girl. The girls spotted tiny acorn squash from Pendleton's Country Market so I got them one each and John threw in some mini sweet potatoes for the girls that looked like mice.

And we had a nice conversation with Jeff from Hilltop Farms who shared some wonderful new bulk prices they put together. We are going to get the pork bundle next week. Jeff also shared a new product with us, ground pork. I have been asking about a substitute for ground beef as we are not beef eaters.

Getting to know your farmer it is well worth the time. Many in our town have mailing lists and social media accounts. I have know idea how they have time to farm and communicate, but they do. We learn about special events and upcoming produce availability. This week we found out that Pendleton's is holding a Holiday Open House November 19-20 and 26-27 in the Garden Barn featuring handmade gifts from 20 local farms.

Summer seems so long ago.

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