Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Fun Holiday Gifts

Gifts from the kitchen are so much fun to make and almost always well received. We have given creations from our kitchen for several holiday seasons. Not only do the recipients enjoy the treat but the girls love making them. Last year we tried our hand at several different types of gifts. Here are our five favorite:
  1. Cookies or Brownies in a Jar. These are so easy and turn out so pretty. This was the first kitchen gift we gave and is still our favorite.
  2. Cupcakes in a Jar. This is another pretty creation and is nice for those who do not cook much. We love to send these little jars to grandparents for nice little surprises.
  3. Lemon Curd. This is so easy and so heavenly. Audrey's paternal grandma loves lemon curd so we usually make this recipe for her. The best part about this recipe is that it cooks in the microwave.
  4. Cranberry Muffins. Or any flavor, really. This recipe is easy to follow and easy to substitute your own preferences. Muffins are easy to cook with young helpers. I always recommend muffins for a first time recipe.
  5. Pumpkin Bread. Almost as easy as muffins and still very tasty. We like pumpkin and tend to make gifts with its classic holiday taste.
These recipes are all sweet but we do have a few savory recipes we like to gift. Check out all of our holiday recommendations to pick the best gift for your helpers to make.

Making cookies with Aunt Lisa.

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  1. I think these are all great ideas!! I think i am going to do homemade vanilla this year and let them let it cure for 6 months! I dont know though, havent decided yet!


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