Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dia De Los Muertes

The girls had such a good time with all of the Halloween fun. They got dressed up and wandered around downtown with the masses of other children looking for candy. It did not take long for the parents and children alike were exhausted. That is why we had dinner before we went out and Dessert First.

While looking around at the Blue Bunny website I found a recipe for the cutest Mummy ice cream cone. I thought he looked fun and easy to make. I did not follow the ingredient list exactly and that was my first mistake. We still finished and, because it was ice cream, the girls still ate the cones. I will show you a comparison between the adorable Blue Bunny version and ours:

Blue Bunny perfection.

More monster than mummy.

So eager to help.

The moral of the story is follow the ingredient list. I changed to regular cones instead of waffle because I had little helpers. I think a better idea would have been to get a small glass to hold the waffle cone in. The next problem came when I tried to install the cheap tip I purchased to the tube of icing. It did not fit. The girls and I ended up just squeezing the icing on top. They then placed the eyeballs in place. Regardless of the outcome they loved the cones. Maybe we will try round two for Dia de Los Muertes.

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