Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dessert First Season

Last month we were invited to participate in Dessert First Month by Blue Bunny. We got started a little late but the girls were happy to make up for lost time. They sent us an overnight shipment of ice cream and a gift card for dessert supplies. I thought at first that we would try it a few times and then I could tell the girls dessert could go back to after dinner. Then we tried it.

Since I was helping the girls make a dessert they would eat before dinner I tried to keep the servings small. And they enjoyed every bite. Then we had dinner as usual. But, surprisingly, there was no fight over how long they needed to wait or how much they needed to eat before dessert. The fight was deflated by dessert already having been consumed. I started to really like the idea. We don't eat dessert at every dinner but when we do we are a lot more likely to have it first. 

Apple Cider Float.

Peanut Butter Panic.

Ill-fated mummies.

Hot chocolate float.

Mini cones.
Apple Cider Floats
  • Apple cider
  • vanilla ice cream
Hot Chocolate Floats
  • Hot chocolate
  • chocolate ice cream
Horchata Floats
  • Hot horchata
  • vanilla ice cream
Pick your favorite and enjoy! This is perfect weather for a warm beverage float.

You will notice that, other than the mummies, the servings were small and the smiles were big. The Blue Bunny website has so many fun fabulous recipes to make your dessert first evenings a blast. There are even savory recipes like Savory Thanksgiving Stuffing. 

Audrey heard me talk about it being Dessert First Month but she mixed up the label and started calling it Dessert First Season. I like that. And you will too after you take the fight out of dessert.

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