Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Zombies

The girls and I took daddy to the Zombie Walk this year. We got a little dressed up and packed a fun meal. Audrey had been chattering delightedly about the Zombie Walk for several days leading up to the event. Last year we attended as spectators and the girls were fascinated. This year I thought we could throw on a little makeup and be Zombies as well. 

A PJ Zombie and a Princess Zombie.

Since the gathering for the event started at 6:30pm I thought a Zombie dinner was called for. Maurene and Audrey were happy to help me shop and prepare the fare because, to their delight, Zombies eat a lot of meat. Hot dogs in our case.

Fit for the un-dead.

Audrey and Maurene both helped me roll pastry dough onto half hot dogs to make Spooky Dogs. Audrey poured cocktail weenies into the slow cooker and added sauce for our Halloweenies. Maurene placed cheese and olives on top of chicken meatballs for our Scary Eyes. And both girls helped make End of the World cookies. I had to add a few vegetables because there was so much meat and fat and yet I could not come up with a good name for them. Eat your vegetables or you will turn into a Zombie.

A Zombie's gotta eat.

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  1. They are the cutest mummies ever! I love the meal you all put together.

  2. Tons of countables in that lunch too! 3 Spooky Dogs, 2 EOTW cookies, number of Scary Eyes is equal to number of EOTW cookies...


  3. LOVE. I'm looking forward to some Halloween lunches!

  4. Love it! I'm going to have to make something like this for my son's lunch on Halloween. He LOVES all things spooky!!


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