Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, New Shapes!

I keep looking at all of the adorable lunches every week and thinking, "I wish I had that shape cutter!" So I took the girls to Micheal's where we purchased way too many shapes to store in our tiny kitchen. And then we rushed home to make lunches for us all out of them.

Audrey is at Montessori school and the older children help guide the younger ones in their work. She is starting to do that at home with Maurene! This time she was showing her how to make strawberry cream cheese and jam sandwiches. I wish I had taken video.

After making lunches Audrey went to ballet class and Maurene and I to the library. I checked out even more cookbooks and then we headed to get Audrey and to the park. It was a blistery day but the girls still enjoyed playing and having a picnic.

Audrey cutting her shape.

Mo's turn to cut.

She asked me to add her into the picture.

And then Mo needed one.

Audrey's flower.

Mo's elephant.

Mom's leaf, positive and negative.

Enjoying the park.

Be careful about checking out What's For Lunch Wednesday. Doing so may cause you to rush to the store to purchase a box of 101 shape cutters. But you will be glad you did when you are able to make fabulously adorable lunches.

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