Monday, October 17, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Home Again

We have had a busy few weeks. And with the holidays fast approaching I doubt we will slow down much. After a wonderful visit to Audrey's aunt and uncle in St. Louis this weekend we decided to have a fun Muffin Tin Monday; with sprinkles!

There was little food in the house and no chance to shop before lunch as I work for a few hours on Monday mornings. What we ended up having in the house was: Dole Mandarin oranges, Earthbound Farms Organic raisins, AE Plain yogurt, a pear, Annie's Bunny Snacks, apple sauce, and Halloween sprinkles!

Mo is starting to help  more.

Audrey made her lunch all on her own.

Muffin Tin Monday is really a meal that allows the girls to have a lot more input; not only into what they eat but how much. The only item I regulated was the sprinkles. 

For other great meal ideas check out the Muffin Tin Monday website. We love seeing all of the fun holiday themed tins this time of year!

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