Monday, October 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Fondue

I purchased a Halloween magazine from Taste of Home filled with recipes and ideas to make the season fun. Today we used a recipe for Apple Cider Cheese dip with our muffin tin to make a fun and nutritious lunch. 

When I mentioned we were having cheese dip for lunch both girls climbed up to their chairs and squealed with delight. I almost could not get them to wait to help make this meal. 

Maurene stirred corn starch into 3 cups of cheese while I boiled apple juice on the stove. After we added the cheese to the juice I sliced up a few yummy snacks for our appetizer dip turned lunch. The girls selected their favorite dippers and I added hot cheese dip to their tins. It was a yummy meal!

Stirring the cheese.
Selecting dippers.

Yummy selection.

Digging in.

Audrey and Maurene enjoyed carrot sticks, celery, sweet red and orange peppers, pretzels, pears, and apples with their cheese fondue.

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