Monday, October 3, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Fall

The girls and I have had a great time at the Farmer's Markets recently and we picked up some local fall foods. Avery's Produce had these fabulous butternut squash on sale so Audrey picked out the biggest one she could. Saturday the Downtown Market had a celebration of apples so a purchase of a nice tart variety was in order. We ate most of the apples raw but I did manage to save one to add to a Fall Soup, or ghoul soup as I named it for the girls. They have no idea what a ghoul is. For depth I also added a little leek from Mellowfield Farms, our CSA.

A little broth to cook the apples in.

Cutting up the butternut squash (it was precooked.)

After the soup went on to cook the girls helped me make jack 'o lantern grilled cheese sandwiches to go with their ghoul soup. We enjoyed English cucumbers and ranch dressing on the side. 

For a lovely change of pace I got out the girls mini soup tureens and some muffin cups and declared this our Muffin Tin Monday Meal. It also ended up being Kids Cook Monday because the girls helped me cook everything. 

And a little cheese on the side.

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  1. That looks yummy we love butternut squash soup!

  2. A lovely lunch. The soup looks delicious.


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