Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Magic House

During a recent visit to St. Louis to see relatives Audrey and Maurene had the pleasure of experiencing The Magic House. This is truly a magical place. The adults even had fun.

Uncle Jacob and Daddy.

Aunt Lisa is a lawyer. 

We must have spent 3 hours in the place and could have spent another 3 just to see everything. During a brief break for lunch Maurene located the sandbox and we almost could not get her out. But my favorite part of the place was for the 1-6 year-old children called A Little Bit of Magic. In it the girls could pretend to be many things. Audrey went straight for Grocery Store Owner.

What a great produce selection.

The register really worked.

Checking out.

If you look closely at the grocery store pictures you will see that many of the items for sale are real empty containers. This gave me a great idea for Audrey's desire for a grocery store. I will collect some used containers and store them in a box. They will represent the food we eat. When she wants to play grocery store we can pull out the box and have conversations about food. It can be just like the dress up clothing. This can be yet another way we learn about good food.

In case you were curious, Maurene had another idea about the perfect job.

Installing the muffler.

Changing a tire.
I love my girls. And I love The Magic House. If you are ever in St. Louis you must check it out.

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