Saturday, October 1, 2011

Local Edition, Kaw Valley Farm Tour

It is finally here, the weekend of the Kaw Valley Farm Tour. We have been waiting a looonnng time. You may have heard that Audrey fell in love with a dairy cow named Cocoa at the Becker County Fair in Minnesota in July. She still speaks of Cocoa fondly saying how much she misses her and wishes she could come visit. While buying ice cream at the Thursday Farmer's Market from Iwig Dairy I learned that they have a cow named Cocoa. 

You see where this is going, right? She can meet Cocoa the Kansas Dairy Cow and then we can visit every so often. We purchase our milk from Iwig already so making the short drive out the the dairy every now and then is not a problem. 

For those of you not interested in dairy cows there are many other farms to visit from Pine Family Farm where we get our dirt and mulch to Sleep Jean Confections. We plan to visit Pendleton's and maybe even Davenport Orchard. We visited an orchard last year and it was almost as much fun as feeding the chickens at another farm. 

Regardless of which farms you plan to visit it is worth the $10 ticket per car load for the chance to see the farms up close. Many have kid-friendly activities and products available for sale.

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