Saturday, October 22, 2011

Local Edition, Food Festival

Today is the second day of the Haskell Indian Nations Indigenous Food Festival. Activities include an Indigenous Food Cook-off and Potluck. Being of Native American decent myself I am fascinated and excited to attend. 

The Downtown Lawrence Farmers Market has moved to Fall hours and will be open from 8am-12pm today. Head out to enjoy what is likely the last week of tomatoes and other summer produce. I am more excited about the new fall greens emerging as this household is captivated with Green Monsters these days. I had to beg Audrey to return mine the other day as we drove her to school. 

There are also several places to go pick pumpkins and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The girls went with Audrey's school to Schaake's Pumpkin Patch last week and each got an adorable toddler sized pumpkin. Just down the road from Schaake's is Pendleton's Country Market which has pumpkins and pick your own fall produce. The girls also love to play in the giant tub of corn kernels as well.

I also heard something about a game going on today.

Pumpkin picking 2010

Schaake's 2010

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