Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Fab Sites

When I first started cooking with Audrey I scoured the Internet looking for tips and ideas. I found some amazing sites that gave me guidance along the way. I have not stopped looking for great websites and over the last two years found many with fun children's cooking, nutrition, or educational information. If you read my blog even infrequently you will see that we link to Muffin Tin Monday and What's For Lunch Wednesday almost every week. Both sites have great ideas as well as the many bloggers who link up their meals as well. Those are both good places to start.

Today I am going to share with you five of my favorite sites. Check them out and then read them regularly, I do.

  1. What's Cooking With Kids - Michelle is an amazing woman who really knows how to reach children. She is great in the kitchen and has tons of tips. You will also want to get her cookbook.
  2. Jamie Oliver - Jamie is a great chef but he also has a number of easy recipes for you to cook with your family. Every level of chef can find great tips and recipes on his site.
  3. JDaniel4's Mom - She is a former educator who is  now sharing her vast information with us while she teaches her child. I was fortunate enough to meet her this year. We only had a few hours to chat and I felt I could have spent many more. She also has quite the following of fabulous bloggers to gather information from.
  4. The Kid Can Cook - This is another site about cooking with children. Kid X loves to cook as much as Audrey and he and his mom share their fabulous skills and cookbook reviews often. I would love to live in Austin close enough to cook with them.
  5. Today I Ate A Rainbow - Kia is amazing and has completely changed the way with think about food in our house. She supplied us with her Rainbow Kit and we have enjoyed it immensely. I strongly recommend getting the kit to help you and your family become more aware of fruit and vegetable consumption.
Check out all of these amazing site, fan their Facebook pages, or follow them on Twitter. It is well worth your time.

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