Friday, October 21, 2011

Dessert First

Today's post was supposed to be about easy and tasty toddler meals. And then we got the overnight box from Blue Bunny. It is Eat Dessert First month and Blue Bunny is making sure we enjoy the best.

I should start at the beginning.

In June I went to a convention of other bloggers where I learned a little about blogging and met some amazing people. One of the people I met was a brand manager for Blue Bunny. We chatted for a bit and realized we live in the same area and then she realized that she had sent me an email to blog about Blue Bunny. I went home and accepted the offer and we received our first overnight box of ice cream.

That first experience was fabulous. The girls loved the Bomb Pops we blogged about and we were able to give away a shipment to one of our readers. It was July and we enjoyed letting the girls have a cool treat in the evening. Everyone was happy.

Blue Bunny sponsored an event at the conference I went to where all of the attendees were able to try fun flavors and experience the cute Personals sized product. I took a nap and missed the event. No little snack size ice cream for me. I did get a coupon for a free half gallon.

While I was at the conference Audrey's daddy was great. He spent a great deal of time with the girls. They went grocery shopping and he asked Audrey to pick out some ice cream. She picked the pink one. When the girls had their ice cream daddy decided to try some as well. When I returned he asked me to get him some more from the store. I had to take Audrey and have her pick it out as I had no idea which flavor. It was Blue Bunny Premium Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate.

With my free coupon I got us another carton. And when we ran out I picked up another carton. I don't want to say we are addicted, but  it is really good ice cream. We eat healthy and like to make sure when we have a treat it is really tasty. The Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate is a big hit with this family.

With Eat Dessert First Month we received another box from Blue Bunny. They sent us a nice assortment but  the girls wanted to try the Mini Swirls first. They are toddler sized.

Cones while mamma finishes making dinner.

There are some amazing recipes on the website like cute little Mummy Cones or Sparkling Peach Floats. I have yet to decide what we will make but I know it will be fun. The girls are going out of town this weekend but check back with us soon to see what fun we have with our ice cream. 

And remember to enjoy dessert first when you can. 

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