Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are You My Mother?

The girls love to read. One of the first books we got for them was Are You My Mother? While at the store recently we found cute birds nest pasta shapes and decided to make them for dinner. The girls were so excited to make this dinner they offered to help me clean up in order to get ready to cook.

Audrey helped me cook the pasta, count out the eggs (meatballs), cut the bird toasts, and tear the lettuce. Maurene helped me shred the carrots for the birds to eat. After dinner Maurene read us Are You My Mother while the girls got ready for bed.

Counting bird nests
Counting meatballs (eggs)
Buttering bread for bird toasts.
Plating the meal.
A bird, his nest, and a light snack.
Yummy meal!
Bedtime story.

The girls are really having fun making meals out of our stories. There are so many stories with fun characters that we should have fun making meals with them.

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