Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, More Butterflies

We took advantage of the beautiful Kansas weather and took lunch to the park. Audrey has ballet class Tuesday mornings next to a large park downtown so it was easy for the girls to talk me into just staying there for some exercise and sunshine. They picked butterfly cutouts again but it turned out to be very appropriate as the monarchs were everywhere in the park. I had no idea the pretty flowers at South Park were a butterfly garden. The monarchs definitely knew because there were dozens of them. 

The girls packed a Cereal Oatmeal Chip Cookie that we made this week, a ham and baby swiss cheese sandwich, and a clementine. Beverages were the girls new favorite, O.N.E. Flavored Coconut Water. The cookie and clementine went quick and the sandwiches lingered. Mo finally peeled the meat and cheese out and ate them. Audrey was too busy introducing herself to all of her new friends at the park. She said that, she needed to meet her new friends. How am I going to teach her about strangers?

Audrey told Mo EXACTLY how to make a sandwich.
Doesn't look like much but they enjoyed it.

And I must tell you about the amazing doctor and his family I met while Audrey was at her ballet class. It might take a bit for me to explain why I was so thrilled to met him so I will save it for another post. But you can learn a little about what they were doing in our fair city at

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