Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Bagels

The girls got up and decided they wanted bagels. I immediately pulled out supplies and had them make this meal, even while still in PJs. You can tell they have yet to even brush their hair!

Wild hair!

They got a jar of Nutella from their grandma and wanted to enjoy some on their bagels. Audrey also asked for some homemade jam (which we were out of) so we planned a time to go find some apples and make apple butter. Look for a post about that in the next few weeks.

They have a pineapple slice along with their bagel as well as some dried fruit. Dried plums have been a big hit recently. I love them as well so we have had to stock up. It is times like this when I wish we still had our Costco membership!

Audrey's neat lunch.

Mo's crazy lunch.

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  1. Crazy or neat the both look wonderful!

  2. Yummy! Check out the new bento meme at Bento Blog Network. This week's theme is Anything Goes and you can post your bento links until 8pm CST on Tuesday and then voting will be enabled for people to pick their favorite, which will become the featured bento of the following week. This theme specific meme is posted each Friday. Next week's theme will be Smiles.


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