Thursday, September 22, 2011

While Audrey was at ballet class this week Maurene and I headed to the library to pick up a few cookbooks. Borrowing them is much cheaper than buying and I save on shelf space. When we left we saw the RV for Having read a story about them in the paper I wanted to say hello. I stopped and introduced myself while they were having a meal. They were really friendly and positive. I shared some of my thoughts on nutrition and they recommended a local naturopathic doctor. It was a positive conversation and I felt good about having stopped to chat. It was another reminder that there are others working for positive change. 

Around here we have been doing our best to focus on good nutrition and positive eating habits. There are times when we slip and eat processed or fast foods. Those days I try to remember how far we have come and what steps we have made in a good direction. My girls are like many others, they like hot dogs, sweets, dairy, and fruit. Maurene stops there but Audrey will also eat pasta, pizza, and fish sticks. Vegetables enter their bodies less often, even with repeated exposure. With all I have been reading and seeing I am starting to think that our best option, for now anyway, is to focus on the Green Monster. It is a tasty, healthy way to get good food in their bodies. 

I watched a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about a juice fast as a way to jump start a healthy turn around. The idea struck me but the more I thought about it the more I thought keeping the fiber in the produce would work better for me. I have been working my poor food processor almost daily chopping up greens and fruit. The girls rush up to get a small serving every time. I am loving the energy I am gaining from drinking these alien looking smoothies and it is an easy way to consume more vegetables.

We won't stop learning about good food, local food, unprocessed food, natural food, homegrown food, and tasty food. The girls and I just need a little help along the way. I would love to play Sneaky Chef but since the girls help cook, that works less. Besides, they do not eat many of the recipes listed.

No one said parenting was easy. But it can be very educational. And then we get to teach the children.

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