Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Omnivore's Dilemma

After my stumble into Food, Inc I downloaded a copy of one of the books the movie is based on, The Omnivore's Dilemma. Reading the book has me thinking about food. Our food. The food I am feeding to my children every day. It is taking me twice as long to shop because I am reading more food labels. The salt I have on my shelf has dextrose in it! I am starting to notice how much of what we eat contains some type of corn product. 

I have nothing against corn, just the volume at which we appear to be consuming it. The biggest culprit, cereal. We like General Mills cereals. How do I switch a two-year-old from wanting Cheerios to asking for, or at least eating whole grains such as rolled oats? I served her some with milk, brown sugar and raisins and she pushed it away. She wants Honey Nut Cheerios.

We made homemade granola the other day with, what I believe, was a little too much sweetener. Maurene had a blast helping add ingredients and stir. The finished product was amazing. She would still rather have Fruity Cheerios. 

I am not giving up the fight, just thinking about changing the method of battle. Talking about something as loving as food in terms of war makes me sad. My children should love the food we eat. Instead they would like to know when we can have hot dogs for lunch again. I think we need to go back to the basics. Bread would be a good start. I have a bag of local wheat flour picked up at the Farmers Market. 

Audrey shaking a bag of flour, Summer 2010.

If anyone has read the book or seen the movie I would love to hear your thoughts. We could start a chat on Facebook in the discussion tab.

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  1. We are big Cheerios fans! I hadn't thought about the corn.

  2. Hey audrey,
    Try Kashi "cheerios". The Heart to Heart Cereal has the cheerios shape with some fantastic heart shapes too. Perfect for a little one who loves their GM cereals.


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