Monday, September 12, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Yogurt Buffet

The girls could not decide on breakfast so I let them put a little of everything in their Muffin Tin Monday meal. Truth be told, I let them add the dry ingredients and I added the wet. It is too early in the morning for a cleanup on aisle 1.

They have homemade yogurt, Multi Grain Cheerios, sunflower seeds, homemade granola, applesauce, strawberry yogurt, and dried blueberries.

A breakfast sampler.

As always, visit Muffin Tin Monday for more ideas and great meals to get your picky eater to reconsider a great meal.

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  1. Applesauce with yogurt sounds great! JDaniel loves to add honey.

  2. yummy!!!! we will need to do this the next time we make homemade yogurt!!


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