Monday, September 19, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, More Veggies

I am trying to offer the girls enough good choices so that they have the opportunity to learn to enjoy good foods. Lunches used to be not much more than some fruit and a bread or pretzels. Today I pulled out several options and let them help me put together a yummy, healthy lunch.

Opening the dried plums.

Maurene helped too.

Dried plums, carrots, yellow pepper, pretzels, celery, mandarin oranges, dip.

Easy snack options.

I am trying to eat healthier myself so I came home after shopping and immediately cut up the vegetables purchased for snacking. The dip in the girl's lunch is a mix of veggie cream cheese and homemade yogurt. Mixing it makes it easier to dip and lower fat. It has been really nice to have tasty snacks at the ready.

For more great meal ideas, head over to the Muffin Tin Monday site to see what others have put together. I always get hungry when I am browsing.

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