Monday, September 26, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Eggs again?

The girls, mainly Maurene, love to crack eggs. Any opportunity to crack an egg and they will drop everything and jump up on a chair to help. This in a time where they will drop cooking with mom in the kitchen to help dad move dirt in the front yard. So, of course, I will offer to let them have eggs for dinner if it means they will help me cook. 


Another great way to get my beautiful little girls in the kitchen is to offer to let them use the microwave. We pulled out the muffin cups and the girls cracked eggs into the cups. Maurene may have missed the first time. I helped her get the rest of her egg into the cup. Then Audrey learned which buttons to push in order to cook the eggs for 1 minute. 

She is learning what her numbers look like.

Audrey loved the meal so much she asked for seconds of everything. The yogurt is homemade but the hot dogs are not. They are nitrate free turkey dogs so I feel a little better letting them have this favorite treat.

Eggs, yogurt, hot dogs.

This is our Muffin Tin Monday meal. Visit the website to see all of the other wonderful meals.

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  1. A lovely lunch and a great way to serve eggs.

  2. Thats adorable, but not as much as your daughter! =]


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