Friday, September 9, 2011

Local Edition, Weekend Fun

Local Edition has moved to Friday this week because I wanted to share all of the fun activities happening around town this weekend. At least the fun activities for those of Audrey's size. I know there is a football game but, frankly, we don't care.
We are most excited by the Monarch Watch. The butterflies are migrating on their way to Mexico and we will get a chance to learn about their travels and how they live. Audrey and Maurene have been blessed with a second batch of parsley loving caterpillars. Half have already spun a chrysalis and the other half are busy eating the rest of our parsley. Last time we were out of town when the butterfly emerged so the girls are excited to get the chance to see them when they are finished.

Parsley loving caterpillars.

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  1. You have so much going on this weekend! I hope the Monarch watch was tons of fun.

  2. The girls loved it but I think I had more fun! It was a busy weekend.


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