Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hobo Packets, Cookout

This wonderful fall weather has us all interested in getting out to enjoy the city. We live mere minutes from a lake with great trails, campfire sites, and a playground. In order to best enjoy the weather the girls and I planned a dinner at the lake this week. I found a fun recipe for hobo packets on Allrecipes.com that I modified slightly. We used instant brown rice instead of potatoes so that the packets would cook quicker.

Adding meat

A little seasoning helps.

Roll them up tight!

Happy with her results.

When we arrived at our camp site I realized that I was without lighter fluid. I tried work without it but could not get the fire to light. Fortunately for us we picked a site next to a troop of Boy Scouts. They shared their lighter fluid so we could get our fire going. It really is true, they are always prepared! 

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