Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Are What You Eat

I wrote a post a few days back about an eye-opening event that I experienced recently. While doing some work from home one night I watched the movie Food, Inc. It was such a shock that I have not stopped thinking about the ideas brought up in the movie. We try to eat healthy but I have now vowed to try to do better.

We know how to make many of the items we enjoy and have recently been purchasing at the grocery store. In order to make this transition easier, and more affordable, we are going to take it slow. The first post about the move toward more homemade foods was our Homemade Slow Cooker Yogurt.

Another key step we are taking toward our food health is eating locally grown meats. One of the perks of going to the Farmers Market almost every week is that we get the chance to talk to the local farmers a lot. One of our favorite farms is Hilltop Farms. They raise chickens, cows, and pigs. We have in the past purchased chicken and eggs from them. Recently we started buying pork. The owners post many pictures of the healthy animals they raise and I just love these adorable piglets. Talking to the owners, Jeff and Dena, really gives you a great sense of how much they love what they do. There is a photo book in their booth and they love to show pictures of the great care they take of their animals. They sold us the wonderful chicken Audrey is holding in the picture in our header. 

As we start the process toward making more homemade foods and saving more of our food budget for locally grown meats we will share our journey and our tips. But what I really want everyone to think about is how you are voting with your food dollars. Can you make a small change this week to purchasing in-season produce, or selecting organic? If you are able, visit a farmers market and buy a carton of eggs or some locally raised meats. 

This is my reason for making these changes, and I feel it is worth their health:

Riding the train at the City Market in Kansas City.

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