Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Ducks

Audrey and Maurene have been busy. We have play groups, ballet class, preschool, and Mom's Day Out. Before leaving the house one day we packed this fun lunch. We decided to have picnic lunch and went to the park to hang out with our friends because the weather was so nice! Even though it was planned last minute several of our friends were more than eager to get out of the house as well and we had a nice group.

Here is the process of making a sandwich for toddlers:

Putting on the peanut butter spread.

Spreading it out.

Adding jam.

The finished product.

The girls went through the cookie cutters and selected this cute duck for their lunches. I mixed peanut butter with a little yogurt to make it easier for little ones to spread. Audrey has been working on making her own PB&Js and the peanut butter is a bit of a hindrance. This time spreading went better. Mo does not do well regardless so I let her have a much fun as she can and then I spread the jam and top the sandwiches. The girls did their own sandwich cutting. They also asked for bananas and applesauce for a picnic, which is messy. No harm done; they clean up well.

We submitted this lunch for What's For Lunch Wednesday. It looks a little more like what some of the wonderful lunches posted there do.

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  1. I have never thought about adding yogurt to peanut butter! I love the cutter they chose.


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