Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's For Lunch Wednesday, Bears

We took some bears to the zoo. But we did not share them with the real bears. One of the first exhibits we visited was the black bears and boy, are they big! We now have a new baby giraffe and a new baby hippo. They are both so cute and fun to watch. This day the giraffe family was out eating near the picnic tables so we sat down where we could watch them while we ate. 

The drive to the zoo takes about 30 minutes and it is a small zoo. That said, we recently purchased a membership because the girls love going so much. This visit Audrey was fascinated by the fact that the black leopard, Annie, was hiding in the corner and we could not see her. She told everyone she spoke with that day about how Annie likes to hide. Maurene is continuing to overcome her fear of animals and was able to let the friendly goats and llama eat food from her hand. I was there to support and encourage her as well. Hearing the throaty laughs of the girls as they interact with the small petting zoo makes me so happy. We are planning a trip to a dairy soon and another petting zoo.

Here is Maurene making the bear sandwiches and then the final product. I had so much fun chatting with friends at the zoo I did not take any pictures.

Finishing her sandwich.

Bear PB&J, Teddy Grahams, raisins, Cliff Fruit stick, Luna Bar.

As always, visit What's For Lunch Wednesday for some fabulous lunch ideas.

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  1. What a cute bear! She did a wonderful job!

  2. So cute she made it, wish my teen would make her own lunch! Like your site. The kiddo pic with the chicken is too cute for words!

  3. Thanks! Mo has been the start of the blog recently but Audrey is the cutie with the chicken. She is 2 in that picture and 3 1/2 now. I should update it!


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