Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday, Yogurt and Dried Fruit

Audrey's daddy has taken one too many trips this summer and I am tired! My heart goes out to my wonderful sisters who have husbands overseas for military duty; I don't know how they do it! One difference is that they both have parents to help when the need to get away overpowers them. I saw some adorable pictures of my nieces sleeping at my parent's house this weekend and longed to be back home so I could drop my beautiful girls off with them!

That said, we have had a great time taking picnics and visiting parks while daddy is gone. For this reason we are almost out of fresh fruit. Audrey found a container of blueberries I was unaware of and then pulled out some carrots, dip, and yogurt. With the addition of Maurene's favorite pretzel sticks it turned into a meal.

Pulling the meal together.

Mo decided to 'help.'

Dried fruit, blueberries, two flavors of yogurt, carrots, pretzels.

As always, visit Muffin Tin Monday for some amazing meal ideas. You are also certain to find a number of fun blogs to follow while you browse.

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  1. It has been a long summer for you! I hope the number of trips will go down this fall.

  2. So sweet to see your little helpers making their tins. Happy MTM!

  3. Oh! Thanks for reminding me that I want to get some of those kid chopsticks....I had planned to do that a while ago, but forgot...your picture reminded me :)

  4. Sadly, Daddy will be gone 3 of 4 weeks in Sept. He will be home for the weekends. We are starting to make plans to visit my parents and do some fun things around town like camping! Our front door looks out over the lake. Look for a campfire post next month!


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